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ITS solutions-based approach to today's technology challenges provides the best fitting resolution regardless of size, scope, or complexity.


ITS has unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to sourcing and deploying secure and reliable connectivity solutions that support voice, data, and video applications so critical to IT and business operations in today’s digital economy.

Internet of Things

ITS provides IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to connect and manage all your devices. Collect, and analyze data for commercial, industrial, automotive, and consumer workloads.

Mobile Device Management 

Empower your enterprise workforce with comprehensive MDM(Mobile Device Management) solutions. Deploy, Secure, and Manage your smartphones, tablets, computers, and rugged devices across a spectrum of operating systems.


FirstNet is the nationwide public safety cellular network, services, and solutions dedicated to first responders and those who support them. Get access to priority always-on voice, data, and text services. 

Phones and Devices 

Get access to the latest mobile technologies, with a variety of feature sets and operating systems to find the perfect solution for your company’s ecosystem. 

Buy Back

Receive credit for your old devices! Send in your eligible smartphone, tablets, and MiFi devices at any time during the buyback period and receive credits for your services.

Staging and Kitting

Our team of experts can help fully configure, stage, and kit your devices in accordance with your company’s business policies. We can also customize the shipping process so your devices can be shipped to multiple locations based on where you do business.

Lifecycle Account Support 

Our team will help manage the lifecycle of your devices and offer replacement and upgrade options as needed. Avoid overspending by allowing us to assess and offer purchase recommendations based on your company's device policy.

Telecom Expense Management 

Our team can help you get set up with Industry-leading TEM( Telecom Expense Management) solutions. Manage your telecom inventory, billing, suppliers, and projects in one comprehensive and easy-to-use portal.


Invicta Telecom Solutions is your guide in pricing, contracting, implementing as well as billing support for multiple business networking services such as VPN and Dedicated Internet, SD-WAN, Ethernet and various Network Security solutions.

Business Internet

Stay connected and boost productivity with scalable Business internet solutions.

Voice and Collaboration

Connect multiple communication platforms with our voice and calibration solutions. Allow your employees and clients to communicate seamlessly whether they are at their desks or traveling abroad.

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